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Howie Bulka  Chef & Proprietor 

Howie’s Artisan Pizza recently celebrated its tenth anniversary serving Palo Alto and the Stanford community. A decade ago, when we opened our little pizza joint in the Town and Country Village, we did so with simple goals and honest ambitions.


We would make a great pizza for sure, a truly artisanal product. We would make everything from scratch; our sausage, our ricotta, our dressings, using only the best ingredients. We would keep the menu simple and wholesome.

We made a conscious decision to under-promise and over-deliver, with a strong focus on making our guests feel welcome and cared for, and striving to become an integral part of the community.


We knew that achieving all of these things was a tall order, but we believed that doing so would be the key to our success. We are crazy proud of what we have accomplished at Howie’s. It’s been ten years well spent.  

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