Dear Guests,

The Staff of Howie’s Artisan Pizza, Redwood City would like to thank you for your patronage and inform you that the restaurant has closed temporarily.

In the near future construction will begin next door at 2075 Broadway. While we are happy to see Redwood City grow and prosper, we feel that the noise and disruption caused by the construction will make it difficult to operate the restaurant. The developers of 2075 Broadway have been very generous in providing us with the support we need to pause operations until the dust settles.

We are going to take this opportunity to remodel the restaurant, test some new recipes and think again about how we might best serve you when we reopen in the near future. In the meantime, we are planning a series of week-end special events at this location. Bake Sales, Barbecues, Pop-Up dinners and Cooking Classes are just of the few fun ideas we’re kicking around.

If you would like to be notified of our special events or have a sneak peak on our progress, pass along your business card or e-mail address or visit our website at

Use the “Contact Us” option below.

We look forward to serving you upon our return.


Thank You,


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