Here’s what you want to know

  • The first Howie’s Artisan Pizza was founded in 2009 in Palo Alto
  • Our second restaurant opened in Redwood City in the Spring of 2015
  • Howie is Howard Bulka, a Bay Area O.G. chef with an impressive resume
  • We buy great groceries and we make everything from scratch
  • Our staff are really nice people who work hard to take good care of you
  • Readers of the Palo Alto Weekly have voted Howie’s the “Best Pizza” and “Best New Restaurant”
  • We welcome kids and dogs


Here’s what I’d like you to know


I’ve become fond of saying, “Making pizza is easy. Making great pizza is darn difficult.” Every day I am reminded of that fact. Simple things done impeccably well have always been the banner under which I have battled the challenges of being a chef and restaurateur. It is the operating principle of Howie’s Artisan Pizza. The devil is in the details.

We begin each day at Howie’s around the bakers bench—mixing, scaling, and shaping the dough. Anyone who loves pizza knows it’s all about the dough. We use a natural sourdough starter, which was born in a mason jar on my kitchen counter, and lives today in a bathtub-sized bucket in Howie’s prep kitchen. We let the dough rest for a couple of days to develop depth of flavor and the silken elasticity that characterizes a great pizza dough. In advance of service, the dough proofs slowly in the hallway before we move it—at just the right moment—to the cooks line. By the time the first pizza is ordered, it is perfect. Well, sometimes.

We make our own sausage, ricotta, dressings, pickles, sundae toppings, and a whole long list of other things that go into the food we serve at Howie’s Artisan Pizza. On a good day, it’s as good as any pizza I have eaten—and I’ve eaten more pizza than most. I don’t know how to do it any better.

It is said that the three most important things required for the success of a restaurant are “location, location, location.” Well, I have come to believe that the three most important things required for the success of a restaurant are “the staff, the staff, the staff.” Hospitality is the name of our game, and making our guests feel welcome and well taken care of is the most important product we offer. Restaurants are a team sport, and our success is found or lost every time a member of our team approaches your table. Every day patrons tell me how much they love Howie’s Artisan Pizza. I am flattered, of course, but I still go to sleep at night worrying about the guest who didn’t love us so much and didn’t say anything.

Did I mention that making a great pizza is darn difficult?

- Howie